Trailer for "Turtle the incredible journey."

Director Nick Stringer

Wild Things created over 100 Visual Effects shots for this feature-release documentary film by Big Wave Productions.

Featuring over 40 shots of photo-realistic 3d turtles composited on live-action backgrounds, Wild Things hired a team of talented freelancers to help us deliver an impressive array of visual effects shots, all of which cut seamlessly with the live-action footage. This enabled Director Nick Stringer to convey the story of the Atlantic Loggerhead Turtle in the most effective & beautiful way possible.

Saved by Dolphins

Having been impressed by our work on “Killers in Eden”, Director Nick Stringer of Big Wave Productions contracted us to produce over 40 shots featuring photo-realistic 3d dolphins & sharks to enhance the drama of the stories in this documentary.

Many of the shots had real trained dolphins swimming in & around the human actors, so it was essential that our 3d animals matched perfectly.

This quicktime movie is a compile of all the VFX shots from the documentary.